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Is a forum of transcendental drawings both meditative and experimental centering on the process of mark making.


Automatic in nature and guided by decisions created in the moment these drawings hope to disengage logic and association to reveal the subconscious imaginings of one’s own intimate space.


"In the Tibetan Shambhala tradtion, the wording of primordail means unconditioned or not caused by circumstance.  This unconditioned state is likened to a primordail mirror because like a mirror, it is willing to reflect anything from the gross level upto the refined while remaining the same."      Shambhala, Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa.  Pg 100





Magnum sharpies are used to bleed through the reverse of the page resulting in graphic, dual sided prints.  The strength of my practice is made evident by the amount of work generated through plein air drawing outdoors, from life and through a single sketch book.


Digital prints are used as a final step to complete each drawing by arranging dual sided images together into a single space.  By mirroring each drawing on the computer (using multiples) larger images are generated "as if" by chance or divination, resembling humanoid figures, deities, creatures, labyrinths and ancient tapestries.


Recurring themes of movement and nomadic practices of walking is an ongoing source to create from.  Each individual drawing is created from a journey throughout the city recording the mood and interior landscape rather than what is visually seen.


In a deeper sense, my drawing practice practice follows experimental movements such as Psychogeography which is a playful way to creatively explore landscape through memory drawing and experimental map making methods.