Jordan Dunlop

Your cordially Invited to Open Doors event February 11th at the Wychwood Barns.  Selected independent artists will be welcoming the public to their studios for a rare glimpse into their recent artwork.  Please bookmark this event! and thank you for taking the time reading this email.

                                                           *Jordan's studio will be open till 6pm  
Jordan Dunlop

41 Benson, Ave.

M6G 4C6

Toronto, ON



Jordan Dunlop's Studio-41 Benson, Ave.(Northside of the Wychwood Barns)

Exhibiting art from the last 10 years at the Wychwood Barns



Jordan Dunlop Is an Independant artist making Toronto his home for the last 10-15 years.  His art work is a mediation on playful mark making utilizing both drawing and painting on valuable materials as well as reclaimed objects from the urban infrastructure.
His work strives to understand the double intention of meaning, as Jordan makes art on both the front and reverse side of the picture plain.   A metaphor for both his challenges with dyslexia and also the hidden language of fractal relationships apart of a larger whole.

I invite you to participate in this year's Art Gallery of Peterborough's Online Auction.  I appreciate the love and support from my friends, family, patrons and art lover's over the years and I hope this event strengthens the art community in ptbo.


  - Online auction begins, Nov 5th - 20th 

  - In person preview, October 21st - Nov 21 (by appointment only)


This event brings support to both artists and gallery and is a very accommodating entry point for collecting art for any art lover. In person preview at the gallery is "safe" by making an appointment in which you will have the run of the gallery for your time slot.


Please follow the link below for the auction portal and for more information;



Pull Tightly, Acrylic paint on Plexi-Glass,  H 30"x L 21"x W 0.25", 2016


The painting above is my auction peice and was painted when I first started working as a respite care worker in the community and symbolizes a tension point in response to trauma.

Artists; Kathleen Troy, Jordan Dunlop, Michele Crockett and Stephanie Cormier local to Toronto and the Wychwood Barns area explore contemporary themes of abstractions and expression related to there art practice, highlighting materials, process and application.


Curated By Lynn Jackson


Michele Crockett; 1 of 4 artist exhibiting in Peter MacKendrick Community gallery ,September 18th, 2021


A spontaneous theme connecting a majority of art works in this exhibition are reclaimed materials either found, thrown away or reproduced from consumer culture turned into artworks such as; plexi-glass sourced from institutions throughout Toronto, reproduced consumer plastic's and handmade textiles from food products and vegetables.




Kathleen Troy, Pineal Gland "Seat of the Soul", textiles




Jordan Dunlop, "Speak softly and Mask Up" and " Speparating you for Safety", painting on Plexi-Glass





Stephanie Cormier, reclaimed textiles




Michele Crockett, long exposure photography


"Photo credit; Afo Gregory"



The Peter MacKendrick Community Gallery safely accommodated well over 100 people through the day for this one day show.  This was the first group exhibition at the gallery since before covid-19 pandemic started and we hope to see more high level independant exhibtions enriching our local community.

Spring Arts Update 2021:


This is a first quarterly visual arts update, reaching out to the arts community in Ontario, patrons and people who have supported and followed my art projects. The arts have been one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic.  I feel it’s important to keep people involved now, more than ever. I feel by making a newsletter, along with my art on social media pages, I am able to make more of a personal connection with my audience about upcoming projects. This Newsletter also helps me reconfirm my own arts ambitions during uncertain times. Below is a short bio about my creative process and development, and also art events.


Art Gallery of Hamilton’s 2021 Artist Sale, Online

April 22nd- May 31              

Online exhibition link:


Lock Down Mandala, 37x37inch, Acrylic on plexi-glass, 2021, on display at AGH Artist Sale 2021


I paint on reclaimed plexi-glass, breathing new life into materials which would otherwise been thrown away. Painting the imperfections already there transforms them into artworks similar in spirit to Japanese “Kintsugi “(gilding broken pottery back together), whereas I paint to highlight faults and scratches present in the plexi-glass. 



 Solo Exhibition for First Fridays, downtown Peterborough, October 2020, formally Star X Gallery


Painting on plexi-glass provides a window to the other side and what is normally kept unseen as the most beautiful marks lay hidden from the viewer. This method of painting on the front and reverse side of the picture plane’ I describe as Dyslexic Alchemy; transforming common paint marks into grand gestures, simply by turning the plexi-glass around and utilizing both sides.  I arrived at this method of painting through chance and error and a natural tendency to reverse order as I have struggled with dyslexia from an early age.  I feel painting is a natural way of connecting to my inner psychological state and can brings about change in my daily live using creativity and play as a starting point for discovering new Ideas.




Dissolving States, acrylic painting on plexi-glass, 34x34inch, 2021

Art Gallery of Peterborough, Group Exhibition- Presently, on until May 2021

Exhibition link:



In my latest exhibition currently at the Art Gallery of Peterborough until May of 2021, one of my paintings is incorporated in a group show titled Presently.  The theme of the exhibition is about artists responding to the contemporary moment. I feel plexi-glass is newly politically charged material, referencing barriers in the global pandemic in separating people for safety reasons.  By painting on barriers I am attempting to subvert this barrier notion simply by continually making artwork in isolation and displaying these paintings back to the public to enjoy and benefit from.



This is the first virtual exhibition I have taken part in. Over 150 submissions only 43 are chosen from around Ontario for Visual Arts Mississauga’s annual juried exhibition, VAM 43.  This exhibition displays the strength of the visual arts has to adapt to the pandemic to continue to create a high profile event while utilizing safety to the highest standards for the public.

Click below to see”Extended Mind" from my recent body of work. This painting highlights consciousness and connection beyond physical boundaries of what’s considered the mind and is one of many Ideas associated with Morphogenic Field theory developed by Rupert Sheldrake.

Jordan Dunlop, one of 46 artists responding to contemporary themes current to the moment.  A majority of artists depicting the impact of the world pandemic in these selected artworks. Although abstracted, Jordan's painting subtly depicts relational tensions as well as the tension felt south of the border, urban decay, barriers and division.

Ramp View - Artist posing with painting Dissovling States

Mian Gallery View

Main Space - detail of artist   

For more info about AGP's juried exhibition- PRESENTLY please click below;

I will be featured again this year at the AGH artist sale. In this current global crisis and time of uncertainty I do not wish to promote sales as much as to use this time to promote further insight into the inner workings of my art practice and to inspire creativity.


If you do feel inclined to find out more about the AGH online sales event as well as my profile please click on the link below or explore my website for further insight. Thank you :)


I will be donating 30% of sales made through my website to Hospice Toronto, an amazing organization I had a sort time volunteering at. For information about Hospice please click on the link;

The 2020 AGH Art Sale Online will be the first of its kind in the AGH's 13-year history of the event. This year, the Art Sale will be offered in an exclusively digital format that brings the work of over 60 contemporary artists into the comfort and safety of your home. All included artworks will be available for purchase over the 4-week course of this online event, with sales directly supporting those artists and the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s public programming.

Follow the event on the 2020 AGH Art Sale Online website page and
the AGH Art Sales + Services Instagram account through the icon link below.

Featured wall; exhibiting recent plexi glass paintings at Art Gallery of Hamilton’s annual Artist Sale. A juried exhibition featuring artist’s from across Canada.

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