Jordan Dunlop

Primordail Mirror-    October 7th,  Peterborough,On


These recent art works are painted on plexi glass front and reverse side of the picture plain, a method I describes as dyslexic alchemy (a dual sided method of painting transforming common paint marks into grand gestures simply by turning the plexi glass around).


I provide a window into deep layers of paint that would otherwise be hidden from the viewer such as fractals, patterns and shapes that pulls on the surface.


This exhibition was a part of first Fridays at Star X Gallery apart of Evans Contemporary in Peterborough, Ontario.  Attendance can range up to 500 people on exhibition night.

Dyslexic Alchemy- Hamilton Public Library, June 2018


A time based drawing project of Hamiltons urban infrastructure taking place over a period of a month. Experimental geography method know as psychogeography playfully records the city in a unique way.  Drawing collages are made up from smaller drawings created from a journey throughout the city, recording an interior mood as well as what is visually seen.  Guided by decisions created in the moment, these drawings are automatic, immediate and are thought of as meditative experiments centering on the process of mark making.


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