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Spring Arts Update 2021:


This is a first quarterly visual arts update, reaching out to the arts community in Ontario, patrons and people who have supported and followed my art projects. The arts have been one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic.  I feel it’s important to keep people involved now, more than ever. I feel by making a newsletter, along with my art on social media pages, I am able to make more of a personal connection with my audience about upcoming projects. This Newsletter also helps me reconfirm my own arts ambitions during uncertain times. Below is a short bio about my creative process and development, and also art events.


Art Gallery of Hamilton’s 2021 Artist Sale, Online

April 22nd- May 31              

Online exhibition link:


Lock Down Mandala, 37x37inch, Acrylic on plexi-glass, 2021, on display at AGH Artist Sale 2021


I paint on reclaimed plexi-glass, breathing new life into materials which would otherwise been thrown away. Painting the imperfections already there transforms them into artworks similar in spirit to Japanese “Kintsugi “(gilding broken pottery back together), whereas I paint to highlight faults and scratches present in the plexi-glass. 



 Solo Exhibition for First Fridays, downtown Peterborough, October 2020, formally Star X Gallery


Painting on plexi-glass provides a window to the other side and what is normally kept unseen as the most beautiful marks lay hidden from the viewer. This method of painting on the front and reverse side of the picture plane’ I describe as Dyslexic Alchemy; transforming common paint marks into grand gestures, simply by turning the plexi-glass around and utilizing both sides.  I arrived at this method of painting through chance and error and a natural tendency to reverse order as I have struggled with dyslexia from an early age.  I feel painting is a natural way of connecting to my inner psychological state and can brings about change in my daily live using creativity and play as a starting point for discovering new Ideas.




Dissolving States, acrylic painting on plexi-glass, 34x34inch, 2021

Art Gallery of Peterborough, Group Exhibition- Presently, on until May 2021

Exhibition link:



In my latest exhibition currently at the Art Gallery of Peterborough until May of 2021, one of my paintings is incorporated in a group show titled Presently.  The theme of the exhibition is about artists responding to the contemporary moment. I feel plexi-glass is newly politically charged material, referencing barriers in the global pandemic in separating people for safety reasons.  By painting on barriers I am attempting to subvert this barrier notion simply by continually making artwork in isolation and displaying these paintings back to the public to enjoy and benefit from.



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