Jordan Dunlop

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Artists; Kathleen Troy, Jordan Dunlop, Michele Crockett and Stephanie Cormier local to Toronto and the Wychwood Barns area explore contemporary themes of abstractions and expression related to there art practice, highlighting materials, process and application.


Curated By Lynn Jackson


Michele Crockett; 1 of 4 artist exhibiting in Peter MacKendrick Community gallery ,September 18th, 2021


A spontaneous theme connecting a majority of art works in this exhibition are reclaimed materials either found, thrown away or reproduced from consumer culture turned into artworks such as; plexi-glass sourced from institutions throughout Toronto, reproduced consumer plastic's and handmade textiles from food products and vegetables.




Kathleen Troy, Pineal Gland "Seat of the Soul", textiles




Jordan Dunlop, "Speak softly and Mask Up" and " Speparating you for Safety", painting on Plexi-Glass





Stephanie Cormier, reclaimed textiles




Michele Crockett, long exposure photography


"Photo credit; Afo Gregory"



The Peter MacKendrick Community Gallery safely accommodated well over 100 people through the day for this one day show.  This was the first group exhibition at the gallery since before covid-19 pandemic started and we hope to see more high level independant exhibtions enriching our local community.

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