Jordan Dunlop

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I invite you to participate in this year's Art Gallery of Peterborough's Online Auction.  I appreciate the love and support from my friends, family, patrons and art lover's over the years and I hope this event strengthens the art community in ptbo.


  - Online auction begins, Nov 5th - 20th 

  - In person preview, October 21st - Nov 21 (by appointment only)


This event brings support to both artists and gallery and is a very accommodating entry point for collecting art for any art lover. In person preview at the gallery is "safe" by making an appointment in which you will have the run of the gallery for your time slot.


Please follow the link below for the auction portal and for more information;



Pull Tightly, Acrylic paint on Plexi-Glass,  H 30"x L 21"x W 0.25", 2016


The painting above is my auction peice and was painted when I first started working as a respite care worker in the community and symbolizes a tension point in response to trauma.

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