Jordan Dunlop

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Your cordially Invited to Open Doors event February 11th at the Wychwood Barns.  Selected independent artists will be welcoming the public to their studios for a rare glimpse into their recent artwork.  Please bookmark this event! and thank you for taking the time reading this email.

                                                           *Jordan's studio will be open till 6pm  
Jordan Dunlop

41 Benson, Ave.

M6G 4C6

Toronto, ON



Jordan Dunlop's Studio-41 Benson, Ave.(Northside of the Wychwood Barns)

Exhibiting art from the last 10 years at the Wychwood Barns



Jordan Dunlop Is an Independant artist making Toronto his home for the last 10-15 years.  His art work is a mediation on playful mark making utilizing both drawing and painting on valuable materials as well as reclaimed objects from the urban infrastructure.
His work strives to understand the double intention of meaning, as Jordan makes art on both the front and reverse side of the picture plain.   A metaphor for both his challenges with dyslexia and also the hidden language of fractal relationships apart of a larger whole.

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