Jordan Dunlop

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Jordan Dunlop       |     Sadleir House, 2nd Floor ptbo 


A Decade of Plexi-Glass painting, Open until mid 2024

Artist with a grouping of paintings titled; Nature of Mind, Barriers and the Universe



Painting on Plexi-Glass has evolved naturally for me in the last 10 years. These works seem to evoke an emotive response, carrying an ongoing dialogue the longer time is spent with them. 

Holographic Mind, 28x34 inch, Acrylic on Plexi-Glass, 2021





Sustainability of materials either discarded or reused covid Plexi-Glass provides a source transforming low value of waste into artwork.

Painitngs located on the 2nd fl, in the Common Spaces,201 




Although my main approach to painting is non-objective abstraction, revolving themes relating to the nature of mind, pathfinding, barriers and the universe have immerged organically over a long period of time.

Triptych made at the height of covid, using barriers as a theme, 2021

At the heart of my work is identifying and authenticaly using my own unique way of operating in the world.  Art is a place where perceived or inherent dysfunction can be used to carve a path forward and to transform for the better.  All of my work is made front to back and reversed, symbolic of my challenges with learning and dylexia, a method I approperately title "Dyslexic Alchemy".  It is also my intention at the same time to keep my art open for interpretation, so the viewer can relfect back there own intial thoughts and Ideas.  Jordan Dunlop


A Decade of Plexi-Glass Painting will be on display at the Sadleir House, (2nd floor, in the Common space, 201) until June 2024.

Located at; 751 George St N, ON K9H 3T2



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