Jordan Dunlop


Jordan's intention is to engage art with a child-like enthusiasm. This is made evident through voluminous output of drawings using Magnum Sharpies, many small sketch books and reclaimed objects to paint on.  "What keep’s me creating new artwork is the transformative benefits gained through the process of making such as automatic drawing, used as a form of meditation".

Artist studio- Toronto, 2020

Painiting- Dyslexic Alchemy


Recent paintings explore gestural abstraction based on unconventional mark making, both intentional as well as by chance and error. Jordan paints on reclaimed plexi-glass which he saves from scrap bins found throughout the city.  Painting the imperfections transforms them into artworks similar in spirit to Japanese “Kintsugi “(fusing together broken pottery into new work), whereas Dunlop paints to highlight faults and scratches present in the plexi glass.


Further painting on plexi-glass provides a window to the other side and what is normally kept unseen. Surface tension built up from the ­­push and pull underneath the paint creates fractal patterns, uneven blending resembling nebulous clouds of colour on the reverse side. This method of painting on the front and reverse side of the picture plain is a system described as Dyslexic Alchemy; Transforming common paint marks into grand gestures, simply by turning the plexi glass around and utilizing both sides. 




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