Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario I exhibited art from an early age and continuing throughout my adult life.  My intention is to engage art with a child-like enthusiasm. This is made evident through voluminous output of drawings using Magnum Sharpie's, many small sketch books and reclaimed objects to draw and paint on.  What keeps me creating artwork is the transformative benifits gained through the process of making such as  automatic drawing, as well as experimental visual applications helping to propel artwork forward.

Studying at NASCAD-U,2006 in Halifax opened doors to a worldly art community where I had opportunity to travel too London, England.  There I developed artwork and exhibited in prominent galleries like the Royal Academy of Art 2006-07.


Recent Work: Dyslexic Alchemy


The most beautiful paint marks lay hidden from the viewer, I paint on plexi glass and this method provides a window into deep layers of paint that would otherwise be hidden from the viewer such as fractals, patterns and shapes that pulls on the surface.  Painting on the front and reverse side of the picture plane is a method I describes as dyslexic alchemy; a dual sided method of painting transforming common paint marks into grand gestures simply by turning the plexi glass around. Starting points for all drawing and painting is automatic drawing; focusing attention to deliberate movement with full attention to mark making which is a form of visual meditation.