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Packaging & Shipping


All purchased paintings through this website are professionally packaged to protect artworks for shipping either locally or abroad.  This service is factored into pricing. note; *all delivery costs are additional for art purchases*




Included with each painting are provided "L" hooks which safely pierce through small holes in each top corner of painting.  This is part of the art work and is a finished look to compliment the unique qualities of the plexi glass artwork.


 *Specail note for local art patrons in Ontario only*


Professional installation is also included with art purchase through website when artwork is received

Drawings & Installations;

Are available and negotiated on behalf of the specific needs of each client and are customisable in relationship to interior design



Art Services

Professional Art Installation

Over 12 years of professional art installation in art galleries, homes & public spaces


*2D picture installation in both public and private setting

Local to Toronto and the GTA

For serious inqueries and pricing please find contact page;



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